Pure Llyen sheep for sale

Llyen 2yr old breeding ewes for sale, all reared lambs excellent mothers

Ring Elwyn 07889244906


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Balwen sheep for sale

4 Balwen ewes all reared lambs this year 3&4 year olds.

£70 each ring Elwyn 07889244906 make great ewes


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Angora goat shearing

I now shear Angora goats, get a flock check and foot trim

Here is a little about Angora goats from wikepedia
The fleece taken from an Angora goat is called Mohair. A single goat produces between four and five kilograms of hair per year. Angoras are shorn twice a year, unlike sheep, which are shorn only once. Angoras, despite their coats, bear no relation to sheep. Turkey, the United States, and South Africa are the top producers of mohair. For a long time, Angora goats were bred for their white coats. In 1998, the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association was set up to promote breeding of colored Angoras. Now, Angora goats produce white, black (deep black to greys and silver), red (the color fades significantly as the goat gets older), and brownish fibers.

Angora goats are more susceptible to external parasites (ectoparasites) than similar animals, as their coats are denser. They are not prolific breeders, nor are they considered very hardy, being particularly delicate during the first few days of life. Further, Angoras have high nutritional requirements due to their rapid hair growth. A poor-quality diet will curtail mohair development.

Shearing Angora goats

Shearing Angora goats

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Recycled water butts

Recycled water barrel can be used as a water butt find more on my facebook page FarmRecyclables or contact Elwyn

Barrelswater butt1

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Sheep Shearing in Cheltenham Gloucestershire

My First Cotswold Sheep Shaun


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FarmRecycables water butt

water butt

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Sheep Shearing in Oxfordshire, Cheltenham, Cirencester

2015 I will be shearing and offering packages around Oxfordshire and Cheltenham area

Foot trim and a flock check whilst shearing is by far the most popular package

Fleece nad shearing 040

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NSA sheep event

I will hopefully attending the sheep event tomorrow, so please come and have a chat if you see me wondering around, I will have farmflock shirt on which should help



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Shearing all types

This rain brings a welcome break from shearing my small flocks, these are a few of the breeds I have shorn around the three counties

Texels, Suffolks, Badger Face, Balwen Welsh Mountain,Beulah Speckled Face, Bluefaced Leicester, Border Leicester, Castlemilk, Charollais, Dartmoor Grayface, Dorset Horn, Hampshire Down, Hebradian, Shropshire sheep, South Down, Herdwick, Jacob, Lleyn, North Country Mule, Ouessant-Smallest (french breed), Poll Dorset, Portland, Ryeland, Shetland, Soaym Halfbred, Zwartbles, easycare cross, Charollais, Clun froset, llanwenog, Radnor Hill

a shear1

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Sheep shearing oxfordshire

Is there many smallholders with sheep in Oxfordshire? I am currently arranging a weekend shearing round, If anyone would like there sheep sheared or a flock checked please get in touch.


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