Texel cross Inlamb ewes for sale £115

7 texel x inlamb ewes for sale, all reared lambs last year. Two year olds, ram been running with them from 1st october

texels texels1

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3 Ryeland cross inlamb sheep for sale £85

Ryeland cross inlamb ewes for sale, all reared lambs last year, two year olds. Ideal for lawn mowers Ring 07889244906

ryeland sheep1

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Shearing finished for another year

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Thank you to all my farmflock clients

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Cotswold Sheep Wool fleece updated

I have started a order list for the Cotswold sheep wool, ready for when they are next sheared

Cotswold Ewes

Cotswold Ewes

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Texel & Charollais Mule x yearlings for sale

40 Mule cross for sale mainly charollais and texl x

6 Welsh mule yearling aswell selling as one bunch £100 each


Welsh Mules In the Snow

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Cotswold raw fleece wool for sale

Cotswold raw wool from my own flock, email me at enquiries@farmflock.co.uk

cotswold ram

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Cotswold Sheep shearing Cheltenham

cotswold sheep

Flock of cotswold sheep in Birlip Cheltenham

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Sheep shearing for wool


Wool from hazelcourthazelcourtnaturals.weebly.com

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NEW FarmFlock Products


I will have these products with me, so just ask when I come to shear or flock check your sheep or goats

Super sharp burgon&ball footrot shear £15
Castration pliers £10
Pack of 4 prolapse spoons £6
Pack of 100 castration rings £4
pack of 4 screw on lamb teats £8

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Sheep Shearing Time

Preparing sheep for shearing

Please contact me in advance of shearing time, so I can pencil you in around others in your area. Sheep should be penned before shearing. Electric supply is needed and somewhere to hang my shearing machine. Sheep should be clean for shearing, trim dirty backsides

A full stomach also contributes to animal discomfort during shearing. Sheep should be dry to shear, so keep a eye on the weather. Sheep should be sheared on a clean, dry surface


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