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Sheep for sale

Small flock of castrated ryeland sheep (11) would be willing to split if necessary
but would prefer them to go as a flock. Aged approximately 3-4 years. Will come
to a bucket. Have been used to keep grass down in a 5 acre field to graze with
ponies. Good home essential. Cristine 01527 821265 ore 07970 037529.


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Pure Llyen sheep for sale

Llyen 2yr old breeding ewes for sale, all reared lambs excellent mothers

Ring Elwyn 07889244906


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Sheep shearing oxfordshire

Is there many smallholders with sheep in Oxfordshire? I am currently arranging a weekend shearing round, If anyone would like there sheep sheared or a flock checked please get in touch.


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Suffolk Mule Ewes Inlamb to charollais ram

30 Suffolk mule ewes run with ram since 5th Nov. Mainly Yearlings and 2′s all have reared lambs
Wormed and fluked £3000 for the bunch
Ring 07889244906

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Sheep for Smallholders

Flocks of sheep for the smallholders are increasing, they do mainly look after themselves, most of the time and graze unwanted grass.
Things to consider before purchasing

Having a holding number
Finding the right stock
Tagging, foot trimming
Sheep shearing
Lambing time

FarmFlock can help with all of the above
Lambing 2013 018

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Swaledale ewes for sale

Mixed Ages From yearlings to four year old, good hardy sheep came of the black mountains, 47 in the bunch
Now Sold

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Welsh Mule Yearlings for sale


28 yearling welsh mules £124, strong ewes ready for tupping

Elwyn 07889244906

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Suffolk Yearlings for sale

20 Smart face suffolk yearlings, most have reared lambs, vaccinated and ready for tupping £90



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Yearling Sheep for sale

Scotch Mule Yearling for sale, all been dipped and wormed

Suffolk Mules yearlings for sale. strong ewes for breeding this autumn


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Suffolk & Cheviot Mules Yearlings For sale

10 Cheviot Mules and 16 Suffolk Mules, selling in hereford market on the 31st July (this wednesday)

Great yearling ewes for breeding, ring for details

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